How to get a sloop quickly in Atlas

Learn the quickest way to get your hands on a sloop in Atlas.


Sailing the seas and exploring new lands is a large part of the journey in Atlas and getting started on your adventure can be a bit rough, especially if you’re playing solo. Thankfully, though, Grapeshot has added a way for players to more quickly get their hands on a sloop, which will provide more control and sailing power than the basic raft that can be purchased from the Freeports.

How to Get a Sloop Quickly

The quickest way to get your hands on a sailing ship in Atlas is to purchase a Ramshackle Sloop from the ship salesman located at any Freeport. You can find these NPCs down at the end of the long docks outside of Freeports and they offer two different items, which when purchased will give you access to the seas.

Atlas Ramshackle Sloop recipe
You can purchase the Ramshackle Sloop from the NPC Shipyardsman in any Freeport.

The first option is of course the default raft, which offers a way to get around but doesn’t offer much control. That’s why the Ramshackle Sloop is a much better option. Not only will it provide better control on the seas, but it comes equipped with all the stuff you need to explore and find a location to get started outside of the starter zones. It’s also relatively cheap to put together. Here’s what a Ramshackle Sloop will cost to build:

  • 225 x Fiber
  • 75 x Hide
  • 250 x Wood

We’ve already shown you how to build the sloop, which is the first sailing ship that you can craft for yourself in Atlas. However, the Ramshackle Sloop offers a much quicker way to get out on the seas. The big difference here, though, is that the version you purchase from the Freeport comes with permanently lowered plank HP, as well as lower carry weight and crew limit. The saving grace, though, is that you won’t have to worry about building a Small Shipyard before you can build it.

Once you have purchased the Ramshackle Sloop, you can head out onto the open seas and start exploring the world. For more help you can also check out our other Atlas guides, to learn more about the various intricacies of Grapeshot’s MMO.

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