How to build your first ship in Atlas

Learn how to build a small shipyard and construct your first sloop in Atlas.


The sloop is the first ship that you can build beyond the initial raft in Atlas and while it isn’t the best ship out there, it does allow you to quickly get around the world while also providing a small bit of carry weight to bring along some useful items like metal, wood and other important crafting materials. Here’s what you’ll need to do to build your first ship in Atlas.

How to Build Your First Ship

Before you can start building your sloop you’re going to need to acquire a few skills, most notably of which is the Shipwright skill. This can be unlocked through the Construction and Mercantilism skill tree. Once unlocked it will provide access to building the Small Shipyard, which you can craft by visiting a Smithy with the following ingredients:

  • 240 x Fibers
  • 105 x Stone
  • 420 x Thatch
  • 840 x Wood
Atlas small shipyard recipe
You can craft the Small Shipyard at the Smithy.

When you’ve built the Small Shipyard, you’ll need to place it along the coast of the island that you’ve set up on. You’ll need an area that’s deep enough to not hit bottom when you release it, but also somewhere that’s shallow enough for the foundations of the shipyard to rest on the ground. After you’ve found a spot, place down the Small Shipyard and then you should be able to interact with it. Inside you’ll be able to see the recipe of materials needed in order to build the frame of your first sloop. We’ve included them below for ease of access:

  • 110 x Fibers
  • 8 x Metal
  • 180 x Thatch
  • 120 x Wood

To build the frame, simply place the materials listed inside the shipyard and then click on it. If you’re having trouble gathering all of the materials, then try building a taming pen and gathering the supplies using a tame. They’ll harvest resources much quicker than by hand.

Atlas Sloop recipe
You can see the materials you need to build the sloop by visiting the Small Shipyard.

Building the frame will take a little bit of time, but once it’s done, the sloop’s frame will be placed on the shipyard so that you can easily add on the planks and deck pieces.

In order to finish the sloop, you’ll need to add a single Deck and several Wood Panels, all of which can be crafted from the Smithy. Gather up the needed supplies—you’ll be gathering for a bit to craft these parts of the ship, but once you’ve gathered up all the items, you can craft the planks that you need to finish up the sloop’s hull.

With the hull finished, build yourself a few Wooden Ceilings and then place them down in the slots that are open in the deck of the Sloop. If you’d like you can place a set of stairs going down into the sloop, which will give you access to the inner area of the ship. There’s not much room here, but some have found this area useful for storing some items they don’t need above deck.

Atlas steering a sloop
Once you've set your Steering Wheel down you can take command of your ship.

Finally, you’re going to need to build and place a Steering Wheel. This can be found in the Smithy and once built just needs to be placed wherever you would like on the deck of the sloop. With the Steering Wheel in place, let’s move on to the final item on the agenda, sails.

The sloop can only hold a small amount of sails. Because of this I usually recommend using a Medium Speed Sail. It will provide you with enough power and speed to power through just about anything should you run into trouble on the high-seas. For the most part, though, the type of sail you place here is up to you, though I’d stick with a single medium just to provide more force during sailing.

Now that you’ve built your own sloop, you can check out some of our other Atlas guides to learn more about the game.

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