How to build a simple taming pen in Atlas

Learn how to build a quick and simple taming pen to make taming easier in Atlas.


Atlas is a massive game and as you explore the various grids and islands in the world, you’ll be able to tame an assortment of different creatures like rabbits, bears, wolves and even lions. Unlike Ark: Survival Evolved, which Atlas takes a lot of cues from, you won’t have the option of narcoberries and other tranquilizers in Atlas. Instead, you’ll need to tame animals the old-fashioned way. To make taming easier, we’ll show you how to build a taming pen, which you can do quickly with a few of the right skills.

How to Build a Taming Pen

Taming pens have long been a way to get the leg up on predatory animals in Ark, and while Atlas is quite a bit different when it comes to taming animals, the basics of the taming pen remain mostly the same. However, in Atlas, due to the changes that they’ve made with the taming system, a taming pen becomes almost mandatory, especially if you’re trying to tame animals like wolves or lions.

In order to craft a proper taming pen, you’re going to need to meet a few requirements. First, you’ll want a large gate which you can use to lead the animals inside. This will act as the primary point of entry for your taming pen. Second, you’re going to want to make sure your enclosure is big enough for the animal that you’re trying to tame. You’ll want to leave a little wiggle room for the creature, as you don’t want it glitching through the walls. Most creatures should be fine with a small 4 by 4 enclosure, however, you should expand as needed.

Atlas large gate blueprint
You'll need to craft a Wood Gateway in order to trap animals in your taming pen.

Once you’ve made most of your enclosure, be sure to put a door on the back that you can exit out of, as you’ll need to make a speedy escape once the beast is trapped. Obviously, it’s going to be easy to close the gates behind the creature if you have a friend along to help, but that isn’t mandatory. Just make sure you’re quick on the run and don’t waste much time getting back around to the gates.

Once you’ve figured out the size of your enclosure, it’s time to set up a “kill zone” of sorts. This is how you’ll damage the creature enough to be able to knock it out. Unlike Ark, where you had tranquilizing items, Atlas relies on a Bola system. Basically, you’ll need to use windows or hatches in the roof of your taming pen to damage the beast that you’re trying to tame. Once the creature’s health drops below 20%, use one of the Bolas that you crafted at your Loom in order to capture it, allowing you to feed it whatever its preferred taming food is. Keep in mind that you may need to feed an animal several times before it tames, and you may also need to hit it with the Bola multiple times to complete the taming process.

Now that you know how to build up a simple taming pen, check out our handy guide on how to tame a wolf in Atlas to score yourself a quick, moving mount that’s feared all around the seas.

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