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How to capture and tame a wolf in Atlas

Learn how to tame one of the fastest land creatures in Atlas, the wolf.


Wolves can be dangerous enemies when you stumble across them in Atlas. Not only do they have a massive attack power, but they can also knock you back considerably, making it difficult for you to hit them with any type of melee weapon. The good news is, you can tame these beasts and harness their power for yourself. Here’s what you’ll need to know to capture and tame a wolf in Atlas.

How to Capture and Tame a Wolf

Taming a wolf is going to be quite a challenge, especially if you’re starting off early on during your time in Atlas. First and foremost, you’re going to want to build yourself a taming pen. This can be done quite simply and easily, so long as you’ve put some skill points in Construction.

With your taming pen ready, you can start gathering up the items that you’ll need to tame the wolf. There are three items you can use to tame a wolf, though the most effective item will be Prima Animal Meat. We’ve outlined all three items below:

  • Prime Animal Meat – the most effective taming item.
  • Bones – the second most effective taming item that can be used on wolves.
  • Animal Meat – the least effective taming item that you can use to tame a wolf.

If you want to get your hands on Prime Animal Meat, then try killing higher-level animals as they often have a chance to drop it when you harvest them. When you have Prime Animal Meat, Bones, or Animal Meat, grab your Bolas and start hunting for a wolf you want to tame.

collecting from a pig
You can collect Bones, Fur and Animal Meat from the bodies of animals you've hunted.

Once you find the wolf that you want to tame, lead it over to your taming pen, which you hopefully set up nearby your hunting area. If you didn’t, then you might have a tough time getting the wolf back over to it. If all else fails, try to find a high point to climb onto, as this might keep the wolf from attacking you.

After you have aggroed the wolf, take off running for your taming pen. Head through the front gate and out the back and then trap the wolf inside. This should allow you to damage it from the windows or hatches that you’ve put in place. Your goal here is to damage the wolf until it reaches around 20% health. At this point, use one of the Bolas to capture it. While it is knocked down, place the meat or bones into the last slot of your hotbar and force feed it to the beast. This will increase its taming meter. Be sure to watch the timer on the Bola, though, as the wolf will be freed eventually, and you’ll need to knock its health down and capture it once more.

The bola item in atlas
You can craft Bolas at the Loom. Make sure you bring along more than one.

Rinse and repeat the process until you manage to tame the wolf. Give it a name and then release it from the taming pen. Now that you’ve got one of the fastest predators currently available in the game, you can start making use of the wolf’s excellent meat gathering skills by hunting other animals in the area. You can also ride the wolf if you have the appropriate tier of the Riding skill unlocked, so make sure you spec into it if you want to be able to ride your animals around.

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