Black Ops 4 January 8 2019 update adds Mastery Camos

Mastery camos, improved looting, league play in ranked multiplayer and more are all arriving as part of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 January 8 2019 update.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has been kicking around for a few months now, and players are still getting their fair share of thrills from Treyarch and Raven Software's latest first-person shooter. The updates keep rolling in, too, the latest of which being the January 8 2019 update. The developers have a few special additions to the Black Ops 4 ready to roll, including improvements to the loot system, league play in ranked multiplayer, and the inclusion of Mastery Camos in both Zombies and Blackout.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 January 8 2019 update notes and details

The biggest change in the Black Ops 4 January 8 2019 update will more than likely be the addition of Mastery Camos in Zombies and Blackout. Players will soon find that Gold, Diamond, and Dark Matter camos can be unlocked in Zombies and Blackout through new progression paths exclusive to those modes. Treyarch says this feature should be rolling out to players in "late January."

The update from the developers also mentions work on new Zombies features, with the team promising "more Zombies experiences coming throughout the year for Black Ops Pass holders." They've also introduced improved loot systems for Blackout on consoles, and league play will arrive in ranked multiplayer just in time for the start of the upcoming competitive season.

Here's the full breakdown of all the latest changes presented in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 January 8 2019 update as provided by the developer's post made over on the Black Ops 4 subreddit.


  • Featured Playlists
    • Added Endurance Chaos Moshpit as Featured Playlist.
    • 6v6 with higher score limits.
    • Team Deathmatch with 150 score limit, 15 minute time limit.
    • Domination with 200 score round limit, 400 score match limit.
    • Hardpoint with 500 score limit, 10 minute time limit.
    • Kill Confirmed with 150 score limit, 15 minute time limit.
    • Added Mercenary Capture Moshpit, Mercenary Hardcore Moshpit, Deathmatch Moshpit, and Map Pack Moshpit to Featured category.
  • Stability
    • Improved stability with Torque’s Barricade and its effects on enemy players.
    • Improved stability with the Mantis Scorestreak, particularly when firing rockets.
    • Improved stability when killing Strike Team members as they rappel out of the helicopter.


  • Miscellaneous
    • Dead of the Night
      • Addressed an issue that occasionally prevented a gravestone marker from appearing during the Main Quest.
      • Addressed an issue that could prevent progression of the Stake Knife quest.
      • Addressed an issue where players were able to pick up the Savage Impaler while their Special Weapon was in use.
      • Addressed a rare stability issue involving the clock step in the Pack-A-Punch Quest.
    • IX
      • Addressed an issue that could prevent progression of the bull head portion of the Main Quest.
  • Stability
    • Improved stability when multiple Sentries are active.

Constant updates and tweaks, as well as periodic changes or additions to the Call of Duty formula, are all part of the continuing support plan for Black Ops 4. Stay on top of these and other highlights to Treyarch's latest FPS release by heading over to Shacknews' Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 home page.

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