Vive Reality will change how Vive users interact with VR

Vive Reality will provide a re-imagined way for users to interact with VR from start up to shut down.


Since the release of the original HTC Vive, users have always had to launch applications through Steam or the Vive application itself. HTC wants to change this, though, and the Creative Labs team has put together an interesting and reimagined way for Vive users to interact with VR.

Enter Vive Reality, a completely overhauled way for VR users to experience virtual reality from the moment that they put to headset on. In Vive Reality, users will be able to interact with the world and move within the different applications that they have on-hand through more than just a library menu. The goal here, according to HTC, is to create an environment that makes switching applications feel like transitioning between worlds.

Vive Reality UI first look
The new UI in Vive Reality offers a less obtrusive way to interact and launch applications.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to make note of yet when it comes to Vive Reality, other than the fact that it looks to overhaul the UI and make it more immersive all around. That’s pretty much all we have to go off of until more information drops during the coming months. As for a release date, HTC has stated that Vive Reality will launch alongside the Vive Cosmos, one of two new headsets that they announced at this year’s CES.

Based on the video that they showcased the new UI in, it appears to be a bit janky right now, with some of the animations moving a bit wildly. Of course, there’s no release date yet, which means the fine folks at Creative Labs have plenty of time to optimize things and smooth them out for a full release alongside the Cosmos.

You can catch up on any news you might have missed from the tradeshow with our handy CES 2019 home page, where we’ll continue to offer coverage of all the latest breaking news coming out of Las Vegas this week.

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