CES 2019: HTC unveils new Vive Cosmos headset

HTC is expanding its virtual reality line-up with a new, easy to set-up HMD, the Vive Cosmos.


One of the most annoying things for many when it came to the HTC Vive was setting everything up. Not only do you need to connect the system to your computer, but you also need to set up sensors around your play area. HTC is looking to minimize the amount of effort needed to set things up with a new consumer-friendly headset, the Vive Cosmos.

Pitched as an easy to set-up and use headset, the Cosmos promises “absolute comfort” and offers users the choice of using it at the PC or even on-the-go. There isn’t much information about the new headset just yet, though, and the pricing for HTC’s latest attempt to make VR more mainstream is still a mystery. Additionally, there isn’t really any information available concerning the headset’s performance or its exact capabilities when it comes to things.

HTC Vive Cosmos headset
The Vive Cosmos offers a new look and "absolute comfort" for users.

HTC did release a teaser video for the headset, though, which showcases the HMD (head mounted display) next to a smartphone, possibly teasing that it will be able to be powered by one in the future. For now, though, the Cosmos looks to be yet another entry in HTC’s ever-growing VR HMD line-up. If you haven’t been following the news, HTC unveiled the Vive Pro Eye, a new headset in their professional line-up which features eye tracking.

Unlike the original Vive or the Vive Pro, the headset showcased in the video doesn’t require any outside sensors. Instead, the tracking cameras appear to be built directly into the headset, and the HMD even features a snap-up front which will allow you to remove it from your eyes—to see the outside world—without having to remove the entire headset. Users can also see a new set of controllers in the video, and on HTC’s official website, which stray from the traditional Vive controller look and design.

Still, though, the Vive Cosmos is a bit of an enigma and we’ll need to wait for HTC to reveal more information about the product. What we do know right now, though, is that developer kits will become available in early 2019, though no availability or pricing is yet known.

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