CES 2019: Battlefield 5 and Anthem get RTX DLSS support

NVIDIA has revealed that Battlefield 5 and Anthem will be among the titles to feature GeForce RTX DLSS, the company's latest super sampling technology.


Ray-tracing graphics cards are all the rage among the tech elite, and NVIDIA's RTX GPUs are at the front of the ray-tracing evolution. That's why the company planned so many big reveals at CES 2019, including some special news for RTX GPU owners looking to squeeze some extra juice out of their powerful hardware. In particular, the company announced that NVIDIA RTX DLSS, or deep-learning super sampling, will be arriving in both Battlefield 5 as well as BioWare's upcoming title Anthem.

For those who might not be in the know, DLSS is an advanced rendering technique that uses a neural network to apply a combination of anti-aliasing and super sampling to any given scene. The goal is to present high-polygon models and other in-game graphics with completely smooth edges and artifact-free presentation, even at extended resolutions. For a visual reprentation of the effect, here's an example featured on the official NVIDIA website detailing the difference between DLSS and TAA, otherwise known as standard temporal anti-aliasing.

NVIDIA RTX DLSS vs. TAA comparison graphics
NVIDIA RTX DLSS vs. TAA comparison graphics

In a quote featured over on the official NVIDIA blog, BioWare game director Jon Warner said the studio is thrilled to bring RTX-powered graphics into Anthem.

“By merging traditional computer graphics and deep learning, DLSS represents the next step in performance for us,” Warner said. “We are excited to partner with NVIDIA to bring RTX technology to Anthem.”

Given that Anthem is still several weeks out from its release date, the inclusion of RTX DLSS in the game could push to make PC the platform of choice for fans. Players that already have RTX hardware will doubtless have already picked up Battlefield 5 by now, and those fans can expect DLSS support to arrive at some point in the near future.

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