How to craft a grappling hook in Atlas

Learn how to craft a Grappling Hook and reach high places in Atlas.


The Grappling Hook is a valuable item for both explorers and would-be pirates in Atlas. Not only can it allow you to reach high areas on islands that you’re exploring, but it can also be useful for jumping to enemy ships during naval combat. Here’s what you need to do to craft the grappling hook in Atlas.

How to Craft the Grappling Hook

If you want to craft the Grappling Hook, then you’re going to need to unlock quite a number of skills. This means you’ll need to level up quite a bit to unlock the Piracy tree.

In order to unlock Piracy you’re going to need to first unlock the Seamanship Discipline. This can be done through the Construction & Mercantilism tree. Once you have unlocked Piracy, though, you’ll need to unlock the Basics of Piracy skill. This is at the very top of the skill tree, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find.\

Atlas unlock Basics of Piracy Skill
You can unlock the recipe for the Grappling Hook by picking up the Basics of Piracy Skill.

Now, once you’ve unlocked this skill, you can start crafting items like the Grappling Hook, Blackjack, Handcuffs and Flare Gun. To craft the Grappling Hook you are going to need to build a Smithy. If you’ve already established your base, then you most likely have one of these available. Head over to it and make sure you have the following items for crafting:

  • 160 x Fibers
  • 4 x Hide
  • 16 x Metal
  • 2 x Wood

Like most items in Atlas, the Grappling Hook does have a durability. That means you’ll need to pay attention to its durability and keep it repaired by visiting the Smithy when it gets low. To repair the item you’ll need the same ingredients that you used to craft it, so just make sure you keep those items around.

Atlas how to craft the grappling hook
To craft the Grappling Hook you will need to visit a Smithy. 

Now that you’ve crafted a Grappling Hook, you can head out and use your new item to tame a wolf  or even use it to start pillaging enemy ships all along the high seas. For more help, make sure you also check out our other Atlas guides for more help.

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