Shacknews Person of the Year 2018 - SonicFox (Dominique McLean)

SonicFox took the FGC world by storm this year, shocking the world at the first Dragon Ball FighterZ EVO tournament.


Esports continues its rapid growth in popularity, and this year fans were treated to a new character. Some would call SonicFox (Dominique McLean) an anti-hero, but we are proud to call him our Shacknews Person of the Year 2018. 

As he said at The Game Awards 2018, "I've never really done it for the fame. I kinda just enjoy the rush of beating people up, you know?" SonicFox also detailed the story of how he donated $10,000 of his prize money to a friend's father who is battling cancer. He also gave a super shout out to his LGBTQ friends and the furry community during his acceptance speech. He's gay, black, a furry, and also a great new role model in FGC esports. SonicFox shook the world at EVO 2018 when he beat GO1 in an intense Dragon Ball FighterZ matchup. 

The side switch SonicFox pulled on GO1 after the bracket reset highlghted the cerebral nature of his play style and elevated him to esports immortality. While SonicFox might rub some people in FGC the wrong way, he reminds many people that gaming can be an inclusive community that truly judges people on their ability to whoop virtual ass and not by the color of their skin, sexual orientation, or fursona. 

SonicFox's fans have flooded his Twitter mentions with drawings and positive messages. He has truly inspired a new group of people to believe in themselves and continues to be an intelligent and thoughtful voice in the world of fighting game esports. While he has been competing for several years in fighting game tournaments, 2018 was truly the year of SonicFox. The Dragon Ball FighterZ Grand Final at EVO 2018 was the highest rated event at the tournament, and it is largely due to the charisma that he exudes. Congratulations to SonicFox, our Shacknews Person of the Year 2018.


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