SonicFox beats rival GO1 to win Dragon Ball FighterZ at EVO 2018

The first Dragon Ball FighterZ EVO champion has been crowned. And of course, it came down to the two best players in the world.


Dragon Ball FighterZ promised to be one of the most exciting games to hit EVO. It did not disappoint and the tournament culminated with the game's top two players continuing their epic rivalry. Dominique "SonicFox" McLean and Goichi "GO1" Kushida met again in Grand Finals, but while Goichi threatened to run it all back by resetting the bracket, it was SonicFox who prevailed by taking the second set with a 3-0 sweep.

SonicFox and his team of Bardock, Zamasu (Fused), and Android 16 walked into the Grand Finals without dropping a game, but Goichi quickly changed this with his team of Cell, Bardock, and Vegeta (Super Saiyan). Goichi caught on to his nemesis and was able to sweep the first Grand Finals set in a convincing 3-0 sweep. Goichi was playing so well that SonicFox took a moment to gather himself after the first set, with some interpreting the move as attempting to ice his opponent.

SonicFox was able to gather himself, even as Goichi continued playing at a high level. The first round went back and forth and looked to belong to Goichi, as he managed to summon the dragon Shenron for the second time in the evening.

SonicFox was still able to overcome this and managed to take the first round. He didn't look back, as went on to sweet the rest of the second set to claim the first EVO championship for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

SonicFox and Goichi first met in a Winners Finals that was intense, but not one that was particularly close. SonicFox won that set 3-0, but there was still plenty of drama, especially as Goichi managed to summon Shenron in the third game. Goichi used the power of the Dragon Balls to restore his health, but even this gift from the mighty dragon still wasn't enough to overcome SonicFox's unstoppable offense.

It should be noted that Sunday's tournament will not count towards the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour. The DBFZ World Tour will hold an online Southeast Asia tournament next week before heading down to Taipei for the Taiwan Fighter Major.

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