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TGA 2018: Indie game Among Trees gets teaser trailer

Ever wanted to live out in the woods, but love the modern trappings of society? Maybe Among Trees is the answer for you.


Tonight right before the official opening of this year's Game Awards, Geoff Keighley took a moment to introduce a small teaser trailer for an indie game that he had taken a personal interest in. Folks in attendance and watching live online were treated to a small glimpse of FJRD Interactive Studios upcoming survival game, Among Trees.

From the brief look we got at some pre-alpha footage, players will find themselves surrounded by the beauty of nature while they try and survive on the land by themselves. From what I gathered on the Among Trees website, players will live in a cabin they can build add-ons to, stealthfully hunt down creatures for food, scavenge, fish, grow food, and basically do whatever it takes to keep on living. Along the way, you’ll also get the opportunity to just explore the world and take in its beauty as well. Based off the trailer and information on their website, the way it looks to me is that Among Trees is an outdoors-person simulator where you live out that Grizzly Adams lifestyle fantasy.

Players can check out the footage that was shown tonight below. I half expected there to be an old man doing a voice over about coffee while this was playing:

While this is still in a pre-alpha phase, I have to admit it’s looking pretty darn gorgeous. Right now Among Trees is planned to go to into Steam Early access at some point in 2019. However, it does not have a full release date at this time.

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