Prey: Typhon Hunter multiplayer & VR modes get release dates

The final update to Prey goes live soon and another VR experience will be released in 2019.


Of the various reboots across the gaming industry, Prey is one that is solid but not frequently heralded. It'll certainly go down as one of the cult hits of this gaming generation, but the developers aren't done improving on the sci-fi thriller. Typhon Hunter is the final update for Prey and includes a new multiplayer mode along with a VR-only single-player experience. It launches December 11, 2018, and you can watch the thrilling launch trailer below.

Prey: Typhon Hunter multiplayer is explained in the press release as a "version of hide-and-seek" where one human player is stalked by five others playing as Mimics. The human player, who is controlling Prey lead Morgan Yu, must hunt down the Mimics before time runs out. There will be a virtual reality version of this mode released in 2019. Only the human character will be using a VR HMD. The VR mode is called TranStar VR and it casts players as TranStar employees. The experience is set days before the events of Prey and has players completing objectives and solving puzzles. It will be available on PC and PSVR.

If you're getting a late start on Prey after grabbing it during one of the many recent sales, the Shacknews team has put together a collection of Prey tips, strategies, walkthroughs, and more to help you get through the experience. In the base game, players awaken aboard Talos I, a space station orbiting the moon in 2032, and you're a key to an experiment that will alter humanity. In Prey: Moonbase, players must escape a TranStar moon base and the experience changes every play-through.

New players can purchase Prey: Digital Deluxe for $39.99 and get all of the available content from the base game, Typhon Hunter, and Mooncrash all in one. Owners of Prey: Mooncrash will receive both of the new game modes at no additional cost. Owners of the base game can upgrade to Prey: Mooncrash for $19.99.

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