Prey Guide: Tips, Strategies, Walkthroughs, and More

Become the hunter in our guide to Prey from Arkane Studios.


A reimagining of the 2006 title released on Xbox 360 and PC, Prey is a science fiction-themed first-person shooter developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.

Prey casts players in the role of Morgan Yu, a researcher in an alternate timeline where President John F. Kennedy survived Lee Harvey Oswald's assassination attempt. The butterfly effect spurred JFK to pour funding into the space program, culminating in the space station Talos I, a space station engineered to study a hostile race of aliens called the Typhon.

Arkane Studios brings its pedigree to bear on Prey. The game features many of the technical underpinnings and game systems as Arkane's Dishonored series, such as the ability to approach encounters and certain narrative moments from numerous angles, resulting in wildly or subtle gameplay experiences.

Prey is loaded with weapons, strategies, passcodes to locked areas, and collectibles. Bookmark this guide as your one-stop shop for walkthroughs and other information about the game. The next section contains tips and strategies that will help you stay alive and thrive against the Typhon as you navigate the labyrinthine corridors and vast halls of Talos I. Further down, you'll find links to walkthroughs and other guides tailored to specific parts of the game.

Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

  • Don't just survive Prey's challenges. Thrive by following our expert tips.
  • Your wrench should be used only as a last resort. Find your first gun, the shotgun, as soon as possible.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for Mimic aliens, but don't let your ears slack off: Mimics give away their presence by emitting chattering sounds while in hiding.
  • Mimics hide by blending into their surroundings. Luckily for you, they don't stand completely still for long. Mimics that move while concealed create a blur effect, like heat rising from flames. Watch for the blur and decide whether fight or flight is in your best interest.
  • Even though Mimics have the ability to camouflage, you can make good use of the environment, too. Draw them into a turret's line of fire when you're low on ammo, and find objects to throw at them. Ammo saved now is ammo you might need later.
  • Along the same lines, don't feel obligated to go toe-to-toe with every Typhon you see. Look around and you might find vents and other hidey-holes that allow you to work your way around enemies.
    No item is useless. Search your surroundings for items you can use to craft ammo and other supplies.
  • When your inventory gets bloated, break down items into spare parts to use your limited inventory space more efficiently.

Prey: Guides


Mission: First Day On the Job

We go from Morgan's apartment to a testing facility and back again in this part of the Prey walkthrough.

Breakout - Walkthrough Part 2

Have wrench, will combat. Continue your dangerous trek through Talos I.

The Corpse Vanishes Mission: Getting the Morgue Keycard

It's not easy accessing the various parts of Talos I. Get help completing The Corpse Vanishes mission.

All Endings Explained

Good, bad, or ugly, learn the fate of Morgan and the crew aboard Talos I.

Troubleshooting and Tech Tips

How to Disable Prey's FOV and Intros

Feel too confined by Prey's FOV? We tell you how to expand it, and launch the game faster by disabling the intros.

Keycodes, Weapons, and More

How to Increase Your Inventory Size

Running out of room for organs and knick-knacks? Learn how to increase your inventory size.

How to Find a Gun

Wrenches are good. Bullets are better. Find out how to find your first gun.

How to Get the Huntress Boltcaster

It's not very useful for combat situations, but this weapon can be useful for causing distractions and pushing buttons from long distance.

How to Get the Q-Beam Gun

Break your enemies down into their essential crafting elements once you find this baby.

How to Find The Neuromod Fabrication Plans

Take the most direct route to the Neuromod Fabrication Plans in Prey.

Keycodes To Unlock Doors

Leave no door on Talos I unopened by relying on our guide to all the keycodes.

Where to Find All Workstation Passwords

If an employee of Talos I has a code for their computer, we tell you where to find it.

The First Safe Code and Why It Is Hard to Find

It's difficult to find a code that is only available through a video you find later in the game.

All Safe Locations and Keycodes

Safes hold valuables and information. Make access easy.

Hidden Trauma Center Safe and How to Access It

Answer a series of questions and presto, instant recording and Neuromods.

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