Royal Caribbean interview: using games to enhance the cruise experience

Royal Caribbean's Tim Klauda speaks with us about why the company uses games and technology to make ships like Symphony of the Seas the ultimate entertainment destination for vacation goers.


The folks at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines want customers to have the ultimate experience when they choose to ride the high seas on one of the company’s ships. For their new flagship, Symphony of the Seas, the company uses a variety of games and technologies to make the on-ship experience unforgettable. We spoke with Tim Klauda, Vice President of Digital at Royal Caribbean, about how integrating new technology, such as cutting-edge arcade games, helps to enhance the time people spend one one of these enormous cruise ships.

While large cruise ships have always been known for extensive entertainment options for passengers, the activities were primarily aimed at older demographics. Things like stand-up comedy, stage shows, and casinos have been cruise mainstays for years, but are less enticing to the newer generation of passengers on luxury cruise liners. By leveraging the newest technology, companies like Royal Caribbean can make the on-ship entertainment more enticing to the younger audience. Symphony of the Seas features midway games and full-blown arcades so that technologically inclined passengers can get their game on.

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