Watch Anthem livestream with Fort Tarsis and Lost Arcanist here

Learn more about the upcoming BioWare game during today's stream.


BioWare is taking to Twitch with a new livestream today detailing additional parts of Anthem for diehard fans.

The Anthem livestream, which kicks off at 1:00 pm PT/4:00 pm ET, will be hosted by lead producer Mike Gamble and will offer a new look at Fort Tarsis and the revamped Lost Arcanist mission.

BioWare's upcoming multiplayer RPG previously hosted another stream last week, when producer Ben Irving, character director Francis Lacuna, and associate producer Leah Shinkewski spoke on a few of the customization options players have to look forward to with their Javelins, the exosuits of Anthem.

Anthem will feature four different Javelin archetypes at launch, including the Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor. You can change up your Javelin suits at the Forge, where you can alter its helmet, chest, legs, arms, paint, wear state, and animations (landing, victory pose, emotes). If you wanted a bright pink Javelin suit that looks like your inner J-pop idol, well, you probably could. You couldn't make it glittery, though (regrettably.). That's a shame.

You can opt to change up six different layers on your suit from a large cache of different colors and materials, so there's a lot at play here when it comes to putting together a suit that looks and feels like your own. The stream that went over the details was pretty extensive, as these usually are, so you can bet we'll hear decent amount about what to expect from the areas showcased in today's stream as well.

You can watch it right here on Shacknews without venturing away from your safe haven, so make sure you tune in and give it a look this afternoon when it begins, right before our daily stream squad is ready to go. Don't miss out, especially if you're interested in seeing what Anthem has to offer.

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