Battlefield 5 PlayStation 4 controls and button mapping

Familiarize yourself with all of the basic PS4 controls for Battlefield 5, including every essential function and context-sensitive command.


The latest FPS release from the crew at EA DICE has arrived. Battlefield 5 looks to take the revered shooter series to all-new heights, not only with new game modes and weapons, but tweaked and otherwise revamped controls. Though most FPS players will feel right at home with the Battlefield 5 PS4 controls, others might need a moment to freshen up on all of the relevant buttons and commands.

PlayStation 4 buttons and controls - Battlefield 5

Keep reading below to learn all of the common buttons and controller functions for Battlefield 5 on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. There shouldn't be too many surprises in store for fans of the FPS genre, particularly not for players already familiar with previous Battlefield releases. With that said, mastery is most readily accomplished through knowledge, and there may be some functions featured below that players aren't yet familiar with.

Move Left Analog
Look Right Analog
Jump X
Deploy Parachute X
Switch Seat (in vehicle) X
Sprint Press Left Analog
Steady Scope Press Left Analog
Slide Circle (double tap from sprint)
Prone Circle (hold)
Reload Square
Interact Square
Change Weapon Triangle
Change Fire Mode Triangle (hold)
Commo Rose R1
Grenade L1
Squad Leader Radio L1 (hold)
Aim L2
Shoot R2
Gadget 1 D-Pad Left
Gadget 2 D-Pad Right
Toggle Toolbox D-Pad Down
Use Bandages / Throw Lures D-Pad Up
Melee Press Right Analog
Full Map Touchpad
Menu Options
Scoreboard Options (hold)

It's worth noting that these are just the common controls; there are a few additional instances where the buttons may change depending on whether or not the player is in a vehicle. By and large, however, the PlayStation 4 controls are vastly more simply than the Battlefield 5 PC controls and key bindings, the likes of which look to make full advantage of the multitude of keys available to PC players.

Now that all the Battlefield 5 controls for PlayStation 4 have been outlined, it's time to get out there and start fragging. Shacknews is still working its way through EA DICE's latest FPS release, and genre fans can check up on all of our most recently featured news and guides by heading over to the Shacknews Battlefield 5 home page.

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