Unlock Free Roam in Red Dead Online

Can't wait to buck free of the story missions and Free Roam in Red Dead Online? Here's how to get to the open-world goodness.


The first bit of Red Dead Online will require players to jump through some scripted hoops, and there will likely come a point where getting to the open-world Free Roam is the goal. In this guide, I’ll explain what players must do to get to the good stuff, which will require just a bit of patience.

Free Roam in Read Dead Online

To unlock Free Roam in Red Dead Online, players must first progress through the following tasks and activities:

  • Create a RDRO character
  • Follow the Stranger/Horley
  • Select a starting wardrobe
  • Choose a Camp location
  • Visit the Blackwater Post Office
  • Go to Tall Trees and kill the outlaws
  • Search the treasure chest
  • Complete Honor Among Horse Thieves
  • Meet Cripps at the player’s Camp

Those tasks will take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, after which players are free to bring up their map and enjoy Red Dead Online in whichever way they see fit. Perhaps making some money by hunting and selling the goods to a Butcher is the way to go, or maybe grinding through some missions to try and make cash to start a Posse. The possibilities are endless, otherwise it wouldn’t be a Free Roam.

Free Roam Red Dead Online

Getting to the Free Roam can be difficult, however, especially during the beta. Some players are having issues with disconnections after Honor Among Horse Thieves issues, preventing them from ever visiting their camp and progressing to the more open side of Red Dead Online. If this is the case, I’m afraid patience is the key, as it’s likely Rockstar Games is having some server issues.

With a firm grasp on how to Free Roam, be sure to visit the Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough and guide that Shacknews has been working on since the game launched. We’ll work with players of all skill levels to help them conquer the offline and Red Dead Online modes.

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