Sniper Rifle locations - Fallout 76

Sniper Rifle locations are hit or miss in Fallout 76, but this guide can help players optimize their search.


After a couple dozen hours in Fallout 76, I finally got tired of waiting for a Sniper Rifle to drop randomly and decided to make acquiring one my goal. Turns out, getting a long-range weapon like this is no easy task post-apocalyptic West Virginia. For starters, I’ve yet to find any Legendary Sniper Rifles, not that one couldn’t drop randomly, and furthermore, most loot is randomized at least a little, so where I find a Sniper Rifle, someone else might get a Board. However, with the help of some YouTubers, I’ve put together a few locations that, if checked repeatedly, are sure to score players their very of Fallout 76 Sniper Rifle.

Sniper Rifle: Flooded Trainyard

Sniper Rifle Fallout 76
Best Sniper Rifle Fallout 76

The first Sniper Rifle location is just east of Watoga at the Flooded Trainyard. This is in the southeast part of the map. Look for the large structures that used to support the monorail and, more specifically, one that has stairs leading to the top. This appears to be a guaranteed spawn for a Combat Rifle with a scope on it. Be cautious in this area, as there are several enemies surrounding this location, and some of them are rocking out at level 50. Credit to Karpo Musick for this location. Not sure if they were the first to find it, but their video helped me locate this weapon.

Sniper Rifle: Red Rocket Mega Stop

Sniper Rifle Location Fallout 76
Sniper Rifle Spawn Fallout 76

The second location that could have a Sniper Rifle is the Red Rocket Mega Stop, located northeast of Sunnytop Ski Lanes. This is on the east side of the map in general, but this location is not a guarantee. It could contain different weapons. Look for a building on the south side of the area that can be accessed by jumped to the roof from the nearby rocks. There will be a skeleton on top and, with a bit of luck, some form or Sniper Rifle. Karpo Musick’s video also showed me this location, although he incorrectly assumes there will be a rifle here and it will be at the player’s level. Not the case.

Sniper Rifle: Mole Miner Tunnel

Find Sniper Rifle Fallout 76

North of Sunnytop Ski Lanes, on the east side of the map in general, is another possible Sniper Rifle spawn for players to check. This will be just southeast of the Palace of the Winding Path, and west of my previous location at the Red Rocket Mega Stop. Look for a Mole Minter outpost and clear it of enemies, then get close and inspect the area. As All Things Fallout show in their video, there is a Hunting Rifle with a scope leaning against a barrel. This was a Shotgun for me, but it confirms that a scoped weapon could spawn in this spot. Loot the area and return sometime later to check again.

Finding a Sniper Rifle in Fallout 76

Keep in mind that very rarely will a loot spawn be consistent. This means that just because a video shows a weapon doesn’t mean it’ll be there for everyone. It most often means there’s a chance it will be there. If it isn’t, go on to one of the other locations listed in this guide and check those. If none of the locations produce the desired gun, go play some Fallout 76 and check again in a few hours, or perhaps the next day.

It’s also important to remember that weapons often spawn at different levels. Finding a good gun is only half the battle. It’s not uncommon for a weapon to be several levels above where a player currently sits. The options here are keep the weapon, or to scrap it in hopes of finding the parts required to build one manually at a Weapons Workbench.

With a better understanding of how to get a Sniper Rifle in Fallout 76, be sure to visit our Fallout 76 guide, where we dive deep into all the features and mechanics that a survivor needs to make it out alive.

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