How to get Purified Water in Fallout 76

Purified Water is harder to get in Fallout 76 than one might think, but there are several early-game options.


As players begin to jump into Fallout 76, they’ll quickly notice that staying on top of their thirst is going to be a constant concern. The best item for quenching that thirst, of course, is water, but not just any water. Players will need to find, produce, or cook Purified Water if they hope to keep their thirst in check and take advantage of its healing powers. This guide will discuss all the ways one can acquire Purified Water in Fallout 76.

Find Purified Water

Purified Water Fallout 76

Perhaps the most unreliable way to get Purified Water in Fallout 76 is to find it. This is done by exploring and looting while moving through the world, or perhaps by completing quests and having it given as one of the rewards. Most players will find a bottle or two in their inventory (bring up the Pip-Boy, navigate to Items, then to Aid). However, this will run out very quickly, and most other drinks in the game (especially the early game) aren’t going to provide the same benefit.

Craft Purified Water

Plan: Water Filter Fallout 76

To craft Purified Water players will need a few things, and the items aren’t particularly easy to acquire in the first few hours of play. The first item is the Plan: Water Filter, found at the Pioneer Scout Camp which is a bit of trek to the northeast of Vault 76, the starting locations for all players entering the game for the first time. This camp holds enemies that are likely to be a much higher level, so caution is advised when making the trip. Once the Plan: Water Filter is in the inventory (Pip-Boy, Items, then Notes), be sure to hit the Learn button with it highlighted. This will allow it to be crafted at a Cooking Station.

The Water Filter requires the following ingredients in order to craft it:

  • Adhesive x 1
  • Bleach Dogwood x 3
  • Glowing Fungus x 1
Water Filter Cooking Station Fallout 76

Adhesive can be found just about anywhere. Look for loot that is “sticky”, such as glues and tape. It can be used as is or scrapped to create Adhesive. The Bleach Dogwood is found on certain trees, so that will take some exploring. Glowing Fungus is common. I was able to find lots of it at the river near the first camp players go to once they leave Vault 76.

Players will also need Dirty Water, which is the easiest ingredient to get. Head to any source of water (including working sinks) and choose the option to Collect. This will place Dirty Water in the inventory. It can be consumed as is in a pinch, but each bottle will add six Rads to the player unless they have perks to protect them.

Produce Purified Water

Craft or Build Water Purifier Fallout 76

Purified Water can be produced at a player’s camp if they have found the plans for the following three items:

  • Water Purifier - Small
  • Water Purifier
  • Water Purifier - Industrial

I’m still working out where to get each set of plans and will be sure to update this as I go.

Purified Water Alternative

Boiled Water Fallout 76

A temporary workaround to Purified Water is Boiled Water. This can be crafted a Cooking Station using Dirty Water and Wood. It will still result in the player taking two Rads per bottle. However, it will restore 10 HP and doesn’t have a chance to cause Disease, which is a bonus. In a pinch, Boiled Water is better than dying of thirst.

Once the C.A.M.P. is fully stocked with Purified Water, be sure to visit the Fallout 76 guide we have going. It will help players with many early-game systems and mechanics to make sure West Virginia is a bit more forgiving than it could be.

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