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Here's how to unlock all 11 Feats in the Hitman 2 Hawke's Bay mission Nightcall.


Each mission in Hitman 2 provides a variety of opportunities that Agent 47 can use to take out his mark. Though the first mission Hawke's Bay: Nightcall may be considerably smaller than later levels, it still has 11 different feats for players to complete. Keep reading to learn more about how to complete all Nightcall Feats.

Hawke's Bay: Nightcall Feats

Through the course of Hitman 2, players will undoubtedly become familiar with a number of common Versatile Feats: Chameleon, Straight Shot, Hold My Hair, and so on. These Feats are fairly self-explanatory, but for this first introductory mission, we've provided some brief information on how they can be earned without too much difficulty.

No Running On The Tiles!

Push someone into the pool.
Reward: Mission Mastery Hawke's Bay +1000
The best way to pull this Feat off is to disguise yourself as a guard, then wait around by the pool. One guard's patrol puts him right between the window and the pool. Get in his way and push him in.

Orson Bathes

Assassinate Orson Mills with a kitchen knife while he's in the shower.
Reward: Mission Mastery Hawke's Bay +1000
The kitchen knife can be found downstairs adjacent to the bar. Grab it, then wait for Orson to take a shower. Once the shower is steamed up, sneak in and eliminate him.

Death of a Statesman

Spike Orson's whiskey with a lethal dose of poison.
Reward: Mission Mastery Hawke's Bay +1000
Use the lethal poison pills in the upstairs bathroom lockbox to poison the glass of whiskey sitting near the couch in the upstairs bedroom. Orson will drink from it before he goes to bed.

Mr. Sandman

Assassinate Alma by shooting her through the skylight above her bed while she's sleeping.
Reward: Mission Mastery Hawke's Bay +1000
Disguise yourself as a guard and get up to the roof. Knock out the other two guards if need be, then wait around the bedroom skylight until Alma goes to bed. Once she stops squirming and falls asleep, pop her in the head.

Smell this pillow real quick.


Find and equip all disguises in Hawke's Bay.
Reward: Mission Mastery Hawke's Bay +1000
This won't take too much effort. 47 only needs to equip the standard Guard disguise and the Feat will unlock.

Piano Man

Assassinate a target with the fiber wire.
Reward: Mission Mastery Hawke's Bay +1000
This Feat won't pop unless the primary assassination target Alma Reynard is choked out with the fiber wire. A good opportunity to earn it is when following the Orson Bathes Feat: grab the kitchen knife from downstairs, wait in the bathroom closet, then stab Orson in the shower before garroting Alma Reynard while she's brushing her teeth.

Hold My Hair

Assassinate a target by drowning them.
Reward: Mission Mastery Hawke's Bay +1000
Get Alma sick by poisoning the sugar Orson puts into her tea. She'll run to the bathroom; follow her in and drown her while she's hurling.

Someone Could Hurt Themselves

Assassinate a target in an accident.
Reward: Mission Mastery Hawke's Bay +1000
Simply eliminate Alma Reynard with any action that comes off as an accident. Using lethal poison, found in the upstairs bathroom lockbox, should do the trick.

Straight Shot

Assassinate a target with a headshot.
Reward: Mission Mastery Hawke's Bay +1000
For this feat Alma must be killed with a headshot. Either pop her dome with a silenced pistol, or hit her with the Jaeger 7 and make a clean escape to earn the Sniper Assassin challenge.

Tasteless, Traceless

Assassinate a target with lethal poison.
Reward: Mission Mastery Hawke's Bay +1000
Find the lethal poison pills in the upstairs bathroom lockbox and put it into the sugar sitting on the counter. Orson will put it into Alma's tea, and she will die when she drinks it. Alternatively, it can be pumped through the bathroom ventilation system to earn the Smells Like Nail Polish Assassination Challenge.

Versatile Assassin

Complete the following Versatile challenges in Hawke's Bay: Piano Man, Someone Could Hurt Themselves, Hold My Hair, Straight Shot, Tasteless Traceless
Reward: No known reward.
Simply complete all other Versatile challenges and this Feat will unlock.

Each mission in Hitman 2 has a full list of different Feats for players to complete, and Hawke's Bay: Nightcall is just the tip of the iceberg. Learn about more of the game's missions and mechanics, plus check up on the latest Hitman news, by heading over to Shacknews' Hitman 2 home page.

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