Battlefield 5 release dates, Deluxe Edition and pre-order bonuses

Breaking down the release dates, pre-order options, and Special Edition differences for Battlefield 5.


Battlefield 5 is soon to release, giving players a fresh opportunity to get an inside glimpse at World War 2. The team at DICE is doing things a little differently this time around, opting for unique solo campaigns and even throwing in the series' first battle royale-inspired gameplay mode. Dropping into the action involves a few key decisions regarding specific release dates, pre-orders, and Special Editions, and we've outlined all the need-to-know facts below.

Battlefield 5 release dates

Release dates and access times for Battlefield 5 vary across platforms. They also vary depending on which version of the game players purchase. The release dates are all contained within the same two-week period, but EA Acess subscribers on Xbox One as well as Original Access Premier subscribers will be among the first to jump into the action.

  • EA Access and Origin Access Premier players (Xbox One and PC, respectively) are slated for Battlefield 5 access on November 9, though many players were granted access in the early morning hours of November 8.
  • Users who pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition of the game (see below) regardless of chosen platform will be able to play starting on November 15.
  • Everyone else will gain access to the game on November 20.

Battlefield 5 Standard and Deluxe Edition pre-order bonuses

There are only two separate retail versions of Battlefield 5: the Standard Edition and the Deluxe Edition. The Standard Edition of the game still contains a few bonuses, though they're only available for those who pre-order. The Deluxe Edition, on the other hand, includes a lot of added goodies, including pre-order bonuses assuming players make their purchase soon. Here are the bonuses as listed on the official Battlefield website:

Standard Edition pre-order bonuses include:

  • Access to the Paratrooper Outfit
  • Instact access to five Battlefield 1 weapons
  • Special Assignments: Earn rewards and get an edge over the competition when you complete Special Assignments.

Deluxe Edition pre-order bonuses include:

  • All Standard Edition pre-order bonuses
  • Five sets of Paratrooper Outfits
  • 20 Weekly items with Airlift, each containing one customization item.
  • Special Assignments: Get rolling with Assignments inspired by the British Special Air Service’s true-to-life raids on German air bases, and ones based on the defense of airfields on the North African coastline by the German Fallschirmjäger troops, as well as Starter Assignments providing more ways to test your skills on the battlefield and earn rewards.

Whether or not players opt for the Deluxe Edition of the game, there's not much of a wait before Battlefield 5 makes its big debut. Keep on top of the latest in EA and DICE's hit FPS series by heading over to Shacknews' Battlefield 5 home page.

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