Overwatch Nerf Rival McCree Blaster hands-on and interview from BlizzCon 2018

It was High Noon at BlizzCon, as Greg Burke and I tried out the upcoming Nerf Rival McCree Blaster and spoke to some of the people behind the Overwatch Nerf line of products.


It was "Nerf or nothing" at BlizzCon. The collaboration between Blizzard and Hasbro for Overwatch-branded Nerf blasters is nothing new, but the latest round of toys is proving to be an exciting one. During our time at BlizzCon, Shacknews got to check out a new blaster based on McCree's six-shooter.

The McCree blaster looks fairly close to the six-shooter that the Overwatch hero utilizes himself in-game. It fires off high-impact rounds at a high speed, able to go long distances and bounce off of walls or other surfaces. It's a faithful re-creation, something Blizzard has put extensive research into as part of its working relationship with Hasbro.

"The way it works is we engage a lot of people across the Blizzard campus," VP of Consumer Products Matt Beecher told Shacknews. "We're all fans and we go to the game development teams, the owners of the franchise for Overwatch, they're all deeply involved in the process and we make sure that it's going to be authentic to the game, that it's going to be high-quality, and if we're geeked out about it, we know that our community is going to be geeked out about it."

Check out the Nerf blasters, as well as us shooting at the Anaheim Convention Center walls. And for more videos like this, be sure to subscribe to Shacknews and GamerHub.TV on YouTube.

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