Nintendo Treehouse shows over 20 minutes of new Yoshi's Crafted World gameplay

Amidst all the Smash Bros. talk on Thursday, Nintendo also showed off some new footage of another major first-party title set to release next year.


On the Nintendo front, today has been all about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. There's been so much focus on it that it's been easy to forget that Nintendo spent the day showing off other games as part of its Nintendo Treehouse Live stream. Fans have gotten familiar with the Nintendo Switch version of Diablo III and the Pokemon: Let's Go games, but there was also another game on display that hasn't been seen quite as much lately. This was the first real exhibition for Yoshi's Crafted World.

The Nintendo Treehouse crew showed off a couple of worlds for Yoshi's Crafted World, both for single-player and for two-player co-op. The latter saw both Yoshi players able to ride one another to get around. While most of what was shown was the standard Yoshi's Island formula, the Crafted World setting allowed for Yoshi playres to shoot into the background to take out background enemies, pick up coins, and knock down objects.

Certain mechanics from Yoshi's Woolly World make their return, including Yoshi unfurling objects by sucking on loose strings like a straw. Players can also interact with the environment in similar ways, bouncing off objects or knocking certain objects down to open up new paths.

Poochy also makes his return, able to escort any friendly Yoshi's around, take out any enemies in his path, and survive hazardous environments.

The video concluded with a look at a new haunted mansion stage, which featured a few new neat features. Not only do players get a look at a more expressive Yoshi, who seems more afraid to get into this particular stage, but they're also introduced to some new enemies, like the Zombie Guys.

Yoshi's Crafted World appears to be on track for a Spring 2019 release on Nintendo Switch.

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