Spooky Team Leader outfit brings Halloween flair to Fortnite

Hold onto your dookie, the Team Leader's about to get spooky.


Fortnitemires has brought a lot of Halloween-themed flair to Epic Games' hit battle royale title over the past week, and even though the holiday itself has now passed, the developers have given players a way to keep the frightful feelings alive with the all-new Spooky Team Leader outfit.

As can be seen from the Twitter image above, the Spooky Team Leader is essentially a palette swap of the ever-popular Cuddle Team Leader outfit, one of the most iconic skins available in Fortnite. Instead of the cuddly-but-terrifying bug eyes set within a fuzzy pink onesie, the new Spooky Team Leader presents the same freaky aesthetic with two different eye colors, simulated teeth, striped legs, and a Jack-O-Lantern in place of the usual lightning-struck heart.

As it stands now, the Spooky Team Leader is available for purchas in the Fortnite Item Shop as part of the current daily rotation. It's an Epic outfit, meaning it'll cost players 1,500 V-Bucks to purchase. And, as far as we can tell, like with the Cuddle Team Leader, is likely only to show up at random. In other words, if players want to grab the horror-themed outfit, they should move quickly.

Even though Halloween is now behind us, there's still plenty of spooky fun to be had in Fortnite. The game is still playing host to Fortnitemares challenges, and players who are able to complete them all before this coming Sunday stand the chance of earning the new Dark Engine Glider. The team at Epic has also promised a special instanced event planned for Sunday at 1 pm Eastern time, so clear your calendars and be ready to jump in-game, lest you miss out on the action.

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