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Valve prepares for Artifact release date later this month with full website launch

It's almost time for Valve to throw their cards into the ring with Hearthstone, Elder Scrolls: Legends, and others.


The digital card game arena is getting even more competitive. Valve announced the DOTA 2-based card game Artifact earlier this year, revealing that the development team is collaborating with Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering, to design this new project. Today, Valve set the ball rolling for Artifact's release on November 28, 2018, by launching the full website.

The new Artifact website doesn't feature a whole lot right now, but does have a couple of stories to look at. One is about the hands-on debut at PAX West 2018 and another is a post about strategy written by Richard Garfield himself. The site is far cry from Magic: The Gathering Arena's site, but players should expect similar additions including tutorials, event schedules, and more.

At launch, Artifact will ship with more than 280 cards and 44 heroes. It will be supported through expansion, competitive events, and additional gameplay features throughout its life. It will cost $20 and will operate like more like a living card game (LCG) vs a trading card game (TCG), simply meaning the all of the packs or expansions for the game will be defined collections and not random like Magic: The Gather, Pokemon, etc.

This type of design moves Artifact further away from the perception that it is "pay to win" by largely putting players on the same playing field with the same pool of cards to work with. From there, players stand out by developing strategies and building decks focused on certain playstyles or strengths.

Artifact launches on Steam November 28, 2018. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates.

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