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How to solve the Strange Statues puzzle in Red Dead Redemption 2

Learn where to find the Strange Statues puzzle and how to solve it to claim the valuable treasure.


There are dozens of hidden things to be found in Red Dead Redemption 2 and one of the more confounding is the Strange Statues puzzle hidden in the hills of Ambarino. Finding and solving the Strange Statue puzzle is not easy as there are very little hints leading to a solution.

Where to find the Strange Statues puzzle

To find the Strange Statue puzzle, players will need to make their way into the northern hills of Ambarino. The cave containing the statues is east of Donner Falls, below the “I” in Ambarino.

Standing on the road, look to the north to spot several rock formations, there is a small path leading between two large boulders. There is an easy-to-miss crack in the rocks that looks like a shadow, this is actually the entrance to the cave.

How to solve the Strange Statues puzzle

The Strange Statue puzzle consists of seven statues all with fingers missing, surrounding one eagle-figure. Each statue has a button that can be pressed, which pushes the button out on the other side. Players must figure out what buttons to press in order to unlock the center statue.

The Strange Statue puzzle can be solved without going anywhere else, though if players want to figure it out themselves, there is a clue that can be found at Window Rock near Granite Pass, an area north of Cumberland Forest.

What can be found at Window Rock is an equally strange painting of the Strange Statue puzzle. This painting has eagles with certain amounts of feathers that match the number of fingers each statue has – except one. The statue with the missing arm is the odd one out. The arm can be found at the back of the cave, which makes the feathers match the fingers.

To solve the Strange Statues puzzle, players must press the buttons of the statues whose fingers add up to prime numbers: 2, 3, 5, and 7. With these four buttons pressed, and the other buttons in the default position, a clicking noise will sound and the eagle statue in the middle will unlock, revealing three gold bars.

The statue with 7 fingers is missing an arm, the arm is on the ground nearby. Without the arm it looks like the statue only has 4 fingers.

The Strange Statues puzzle is not easy to solve without assistance as there is no clue given to suggest that players must press the buttons as corresponds with prime numbers. There is more treasure to be found in Red Dead Redemption 2, such as at the conclusion of the Poisonous Trail Maps.

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