When is Cyber Monday 2018?

Prepare your wallet for 2018's Cyber Monday sale extravaganzas!


Cyber Monday is an excellent opportunity for those shoppers who may have forgotten an item or two during the hectic Black Friday sales. Though most of the sales from Black Friday continue through the weekend, Cyber Monday has the potential to introduce new savings for gamers.

When is Cyber Monday 2018?

Cyber Monday 2018 kicks off on Monday, November 26, at which point most reputable retailers and online retailers alike will be slashing prices on a new suite of goods. Depending on whether you held off during the Black Friday sales will likely dictate whether you’re interested in what’s on offer come Cyber Monday.

What deals will Cyber Monday 2018 offer?

Though I can’t tell the future, we can get a pretty good idea of what might be on offer during the Cyber Monday sales this year by looking at last year’s offerings. There were hundreds of sales across the board in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and iPhone, as well as 4K TVs and gaming laptops.

Last year saw the release of the Xbox One X and the year before that the PlayStation 4 Pro, and while there were no huge price drops for the consoles last year, there’s a good chance some appealing bundles will be on offer for Cyber Monday 2018. Gamers looking to upgrade to a 4K-compatible system should definitely keep an eye out for some bundles, potentially even ones offering Red Dead Redemption 2, arguably this year’s biggest release.

As for Nintendo products, there’s no telling what Nintendo has up their sleeve for the Nintendo Switch. Gamers looking to adopt the system should expect bundles that include games as opposed to out-right price drops.

Through all of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shenanigans, be sure to check in with Shacknews as we collate all the best deals, offers, and sales during Cyber Monday 2018.

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