The Best 4K TV Cyber Monday 2017 Deals

Make best use of Cyber Monday discounts by finding huge savings on 4K televisions from the most popular brands.


Cyber Monday is an aptly-named event — the shopping holiday-of-sorts has long been hailed as the less-stressful way of finding great deals through online retailers following the madness that sometimes accompanies Black Friday shopping.  That's not to say that Cyber Monday discounts are any laughing matter, of course; sometimes companies will use the online shopping event offer their products at prices that match or even rival the sale prices put up during Black Friday.

This year we've already rounded up the best Black Friday 2017 deals on 4K TVs, and we're expecting to find loads of similar Cyber Monday sales on various 4K televisions, including sets with smart-enabled functions from Roku or Chromecast to the latest displays with support for High Dynamic Range. Read on to catch up on the latest 4K TV sale prices and discover which items to keep an eye on this coming Cyber Monday.

The Best Cyber Monday 2017 Deals on 4K TVs

It's common knowledge that 4K is quickly becoming the standard in high-definition displays, but despite being considered modern, the technology is old enough to where 4K televisions can be scooped up for the same price that 1080p televisions were just a few years ago. Here are some of the best prices we've found on 4K TVs so far, including our top Black Friday 2017 discounts as well as sets and brands we're expecting to see discounts on come Cyber Monday.


Amazon has finally released its list of Cyber Monday discounts, and there are a handful of noteworthy 4K televisions available at substantially-discounted prices:

• Samsung 40" 4K Smart LED TV$319.99
• Samsung 49" 4K Smart LED TV$329.99
• Sony 43" 4K Smart LED TV$478.00 ($122 discount)
• Sony 70" 4K Smart LED TV$1,198.00 ($800 discount)
• TCL 40" Roku Smart LED TV$212.49

Best Buy:

With Black Friday looming ever-closer, many buyers have been eagerly eyeing some of the 4K TV sales currently being offered by Best Buy — yes, that's right, many of the Black Friday 2017 sale prices on electronics are already being applied, so users can scoop up the TV they've been hoping for without having to brave any long lines.

Though we can't say for sure that these specific 4K televisions will still be on sale this Cyber Monday, chances are good that they will be, especially considering that many Cyber Monday discounts are on inventory leftover from Black Friday. Here are the TVs to look for:

• LG 43" 4K Smart LED TV$279.99 ($150 discount)
• Samsung 40" 4K Smart LED TV$327.99 ($152 discount)
• Samsung 50" 4K Smart LED TV$499.99 ($300 Doorbuster discount)
• Samsung 55" 4K Smart LED TV$497.99 ($202 discount)
• Samsung 65" 4K Smart LED TV$749.99 ($350 discount)
• Samsung 55" 4K Smart LED TV with HDR$897.99 ($302 discount)
• Samsung 65" 4K Smart LED TV with HDR$1,297.99 ($302 discount)
• Sharp 50" 4K Roku Smart LED TV$179.99 ($320 discount)
• Sharp 60" 4K Smart LED TV$549.99 ($250 discount)
• Sony 60" 4K Smart LED TV$599.99 ($400 discount)
• Sony 70" 4K Smart LED TV$1,199.99 ($600 discount)
• Sony 55" 4K Smart LED TV with HDR$999.99 ($400 discount)
• Sony 65" 4K Smart LED TV with HDR$1,499.99 ($500 discount)
• Sony 75" 4K Smart LED TV with HDR$1,999.99 ($800 discount)
• Toshiba 55" 4K Chromecast Smart LED TV$279.99 ($320 discount)


Target has relatively few Black Friday 2017 sales on 4K televisions, with the retailer's biggest discounts landing on products from Polaroid, Samsung, and Westinghouse. And while it's possible that some of the more popular as well as some of the cheapest Black Friday choices will sell out, they're still worth keeping an eye out for this Cyber Monday.

• LG 55" 4K Smart LED TV$499.99 ($150 discount)
• Polaroid 43" 4K Chromecast Smart LED TV$229.99 ($120 discount)
• Samsung 49" 4K Smart TV$429.99 ($70 discount)
• Samsung 58" 4K Smart TV$649.99 ($50 discount)
• Samsung 65" 4K TV$849.99 ($450 discount)
• TCL 49" 4K Roku Smart TV $349.99 ($30 discount)
• Westinghouse 55" 4K Smart TV$249.99 ($400 discount)


Walmart has a reputation or providing solid all-around discounts throughout the year — i.e. not just on Black Friday, but also then too.Now that Cyber Monday has finally arrived, Walmart has an almost ridiculous selection of discounted televisions. Users can check out the full list of available TV sets, 62 in total, by heading over to this page on the Walmart website. Otherwise, here are the top deals on 4K sets to look out for, sorted conveniently by price:

• Sceptre 40" 4K LED TV $249.00 ($51 discount)
• RCA 50" 4K LED TV$279.99 ($100 discount)
• Sceptre 50" 4K LED TV$299.99 ($50 discount)
• Sceptre 55" 4K LED TV$319.99 ($80 discount)
• Samsung 40" 4K Smart LED TV$319.99 ($329 discount)
• Vizio 43" 4K Smart XLED TV$358.00 ($40 discount)
• Samsung 43" 4K Smart LED TV$427.99 ($321 discount)
• Vizio 55" 4K Smart XLED TV$448.00 ($130 discount)
• Samsung 50" 4K Smart LED TV $477.99 ($421 discount)
• Samsung 40" 4K Smart LED TV$497.99 ($351 discount)
• Vizio 55" 4K Smart LED TV$498.00 ($70 discount)
• Samsung 49" 4K Smart LED TV$547.99 ($452 discount)
• Sceptre 65" 4K LED TV$549.99 ($350 discount)
• RCA 65" 4K LED TV$579.99 ($320 discount)
• Samsung 55" 4K Smart LED TV$597.99 ($401 discount)
• Samsung 49" Curved 4K Smart LED TV $647.99 ($551 discount)
• Samsung 49" Curved 4K Smart LED TV$697.99 ($201 discount)
• Samsung 55" Curved 4K Smart LED TV$697.99 ($501 discount)

There's still no telling exactly which 4K TVs will be listed for sale this coming Cyber Monday, but rest assured that we'll continue updating this list with the latest deals and forward-thinking advice as sooon as any information becomes available. Until then, savvy consumers can check out our guide to the best Black Friday 2017 deals, where we look over the lowest prices on everything from PlayStation VR to the Nintendo Switch and more.

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