Headgear-free holographic system for functioning Holodeck in development by Light Field Lab

The 2017 startup is teaming up with OTOY, Endeavor, and Roddenberry Entertainment for the ambitious project.


The foundation is being laid to bring one of science fiction's most iconic creations to life. Light Field Lab, a startup founded in 2017, is teaming up with software company OTOY to invent a system for holographic content creation. The end-game? To create a true-to-life platform similar to Star Trek's legendary Holodeck.

Light Field Lab has raised $7 million in funding from venture firms and is also recruiting Endeavor and Roddenberry Entertainment for holographic content. The Hollywood Reporter shared that Light Field Lab expects to begin manufacturing a 2-foot-long prototype holographic display panel in 2019, aiming for the location-based entertainment industry.

"We’re excited to use this platform to bring true holographic content to Light Field Lab’s displays, which will give consumers unbelievable experiences, without the burden of 3D glasses or VR headsets,” said Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel in a statement to the publication. Scientists in Europe have started also working on their own Holodeck called FreemoVR, a platform that surrounds animals with illusions of their natural habitat.

Holograms are being used for music artists, living and dead, to perform at tour events and could be another significant branch in mixed reality technology in the future. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates.

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