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Animals Go Where No Animal Has Gone Before In VR Holodeck

Animals have their own way to celebrate Star Trek Day too!


Much of today’s technology is dictated by a desire to recreate the coolest ideas of past fiction. Touch screens, cell phones, virtual reality, and many other forms of tech can find their roots in old works and another is getting its just due in a fun way.

Reported by Seeker, scientists in Europe have created a virtual reality space called FreemoVR for animals that surrounds them with illusions of their natural habitats. While a lot of virtual reality experiences are focused on entertainment, some of them are developed with educational and research-driven purposes in mind. This particular creation is research driven and will be used as a way to track animal perceptions and behaviors.

Source: Seeker

Social platforms like the recent dead-then-not-dead AltspaceVR come close to the Holodeck’s concept, though it is handcuffed by the need to use a VR headset. There are projection systems that emulate that same concept, projecting environments onto walls around the hardware. There’s limited interaction with the projections, but not quite as immersive as what was shown in the Star Trek television series.

Star Trek also gets some immersive love in Ubisoft’s Bridge Crew, which is one of the best experiences you can have with VR currently. There’s a single player element, but the best utilization of the game is partnering with your friends to manage all the different critical elements on one of Star Trek’s legendary space ships.

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