PC keybindings in Blackout and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Learn the PC keys before entering into battle or change up the keybindings to suit your playstyle in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has three different multiplayer modes and each of them utilize the computer keys in a different way. Players can edit the keybindings to their preferred setup, including toggle and hold options for ADSing, sprinting, and other movements. Take some time to look over the keybindings and edit them to your liking, as this is the first step to finding your groove in Blackout, and the other modes on offer.

All keybindings for Blackout, Zombies, and Multiplayer

On Foot
Move Forward W
Move Left A
Move Right D
Move Backward S
Fire Left Click
Aim Down Sights (Hold) Right Click
Aim Down Sights (Toggle)
Reload R
Next Weapon 1 Scroll Up
Previous Weapon 2 Scroll Down
Switch to First Weapon
Switch to Second Weapon
Equipment E Mouse Button 4
Heal X Mouse Button 5
Special Ability Q
Interact F
Jump/Stand/Mantle Space Bar
Change Stance/Slide C
Crouch (Hold)
Crouch (Toggle)
Crouch (One Way)
Prone (Toggle) Left Ctrl
Prone (Hold)
Prone (One Way)
Steady Aim/Sprint (One Way) Left Shift
Steady Aim/Sprint (Hold)
Sprint (One Way)
Sprint (Hold)
Steady Aim
Melee/Zoom V Scroll Click
Center View
Look Up
Look Left
Look Down
Look Right
Vehicles and Scorestreaks
Fly Up/Jump Space Bar
Fly Down C
Boost Left Shift
Handbrake V
Horn G
Switch Control Mode/Free Look Scroll Click
Next Seat  N
Switch to Seat 1 Number 1
Switch to Seat 2 Number 2
Switch to Seat 3 Number 3
Switch to Seat 4 Number 4
Switch to Seat 5 Number 5
Game Mode Specific
Scorestreak Slot 1 3
Scorestreak Slot 2 4
Scorestreak Slot 3 5
Scorestreak Slot 4 (Extra) 6
Change to Class 1 Number 1
Change to Class 2 Number 2
Change to Class 3 Number 3
Change to Class 4 Number 4
Change to Class 5 Number 5
Change to Class 6 Number 6
Weapon Inspect 7
Auto Move Forward H
Pick Up Attachments G
Elixir 1 3
Elixir 2 4
Elixir 3 5
Elixir 4 6
Multiplayer Scoreboard (Hold) TAB
Multiplayer Scoreboard (Toggle)
Map (Hold) CAPS LOCK
Map (Toggle) M
Blackout Inventory (Hold) TAB
Blackout Inventory (Toggle)
Zombies Scoreboard (Hold) CAPS LOCK
Zombies Scoreboard (Toggle)
Zombies Inventory (Hold)
Zombies Inventory (Toggle)
Callouts Wheel  Left Alt
Tag/Gesture Wheel Y
Tag/Gesture Quick Access T
Text Chat (Last Used) Enter Numen
Text Chat (Match)
Text Chat (Team)
Text Chat (Party)
Voice Chat (Push to Talk) B
Screenshot Print Screen
Open Friends Menu F1
Open Social Menu O F2
Open Settings Menu F3
Open Player Account Menu F4
Accept Party Invite F7
Dismiss Party Invite F8
Mute Sound F10
Navigate Up W Up Arrow
Navigate Down S Down Arrow
Navigate Left A Left Arrow
Navigate Right D Right Arrow
Navigate to Previous Tab Q Mouse Button 4
Navigate to Next Tab E Mouse Button 5
Confirm Selection Space Bar
Remove/Unbind R Delete

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