Blackout helicopter locations - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Where to find helicopters in Blackout, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's battle royale mode.


Deciding on a good place to land in Blackout can be a tough decision to make, so when more time is needed, it’s a good idea to land near one of the many helicopter spawn locations. By landing near a helicopter pad, players can jump in and quickly relocate to another area of the map and continue looting. The trick is knowing where the helicopters spawn in Blackout.

Helicopter Spawn Locations – Blackout

There are a handful of helicopter spawn locations scattered throughout the Blackout map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and they will likely be highly contested. A helicopter lets players move around the map faster, reposition with ease, and avoid confrontation (unless the enemy has a launcher).

Getting a helicopter is one of the objectives for unlocking the Woods character in Blackout, so memorize this map if you happen to find the bandanna. There are seven primary locations where a helicopter can be found:

Area Helicopter Location
Estates The helicopter pad is located on the eastern side of the Estates, a useful spot for a quick getaway.
Firing Range The helicopter can be found just above the green patch on the lower edge of the Firing Range. Found in the middle of the map, the Firing Range offers an excellent choice for players looking for weaponry, though getting out quickly can be just as important.
Turbine Another helicopter can be found at Turbine, on a little helipad along an offshoot road south of the main facility. The area is a bit open, so making a break for the helicopter spawn point can be risky, especially during the middle of a firefight. A good idea can be to bait out another team and gun them down as they try for the heli.
Factory The helicopter at Factory is found along the lower section of the site, smack bang in the middle. Because the Factory is right at the base of the map, the helicopter is incredibly useful at rotating up the map if the circle doesn’t favor the south.
Cargo Docks Players can find a helicopter spawn location on the southern section of the Cargo Docks.
Nuketown Island The Nuketown Island helicopter can be found right at the end of the main street, like a runway, except for a ‘copter. This is useful if players opt to land at Nuketown at the beginning of the match and need a way to get to the mainland without crossing the bridges.
Construction Site The helicopter at the Construction Site can be found on the helipad hanging off of the top of the building. Players will need to either use the wingsuit to glide to it, run up the inside of the building, or use the elevator on the eastern side of the site to reach the helicopter.

Remembering where the helicopter spawn locations are in Blackout is an excellent way to take command of a combat situation. Players that find themselves pinned down and in need of evac should look for the closest helicopter location and attempt to reposition for a quick aerial escape. Keep in mind how to redeploy the wingsuit in case things go south when trying to nab the helicopter at the Construction Site.

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