How to redeploy the wingsuit in Call of Duty Blackout

Make a hasty escape from a high ledge by redeploying the wingsuit during a match of Blackout.


Redeploying the wingsuit is a trick many players will be using in Call of Duty’s newest mode, Blackout, as they attempt to reposition themselves in a hurry and escape eager pursuers. The way to redeploy a wingsuit isn’t immediately obvious, as there are no tool-tips in game telling players how to do it, thankfully, it’s pretty simply.

How to redeploy the wingsuit

In order to redeploy the wingsuit, players must sprint toward an edge and then jump and hold the jump button. After a second, the wingsuit will redeploy and the player will zip down to the ground, avoiding all fall damage and hopefully living to shoot another day.

There are a few important nuances to redeploying the wingsuit correctly. Firstly, players must ensure they are actually high enough off of the ground as a player that is too close to the ground will not have their wingsuit redeploy.

Secondly, players must make certain that they are sprinting as they approach the edge, walking and jumping will not result in the wingsuit redeploying.

Finally, the trick is to jump off of the edge by physically pressing the jump button to make the leap from ground to air. Players who wait until they are already falling to press and hold the jump button will just plummet to their death.

The safest bet is to try and deploy the wingsuit whenever a risky jump is being made. Jumping from the top of a building to the ground? Redeploy the wingsuit. Leaping from a cliff down to an unsuspecting player? Redeploy the wingsuit. As long as players sprint and then jump and hold the jump button, they will be soaring through the air without a care in the world.

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