Power Rangers clashes with Street Fighter in wild 8-minute short film

What happens when the legendary Green Ranger and Ryu team up to take on M. Bison? It leads to one of the oddest and coolest ads for a free-to-play mobile game to date.


Earlier this year, Lionsgate's mobile fighter, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars featured one of the strangest crossover events to date. This full celebration of the Power Rangers franchise invited various characters from Capcom's Street Fighter to join the fun. Here's a look at that original trailer from back in May.

Nearly six months after that crossover was first unveiled, Lionsgate and Capcom teamed up to take this idea even further by releasing a full-blown short film to help promote the Power Rangers: Legacy Wars/Street Fighter V crossover.

Titled Power Rangers: Legacy Wars - Street Fighter Showdown, Ryu and Chun-Li are confronted out of the blue by evil copies of Power Rangers from across the ages. They're saved by Tommy Oliver (with Jason David Frank returning to the iconic role once again) and Gia Moran (Ciara Hanna of Power Rangers Super Megaforce fame), who brief the Street Fighter characters that Rita Repulsa has resurrected M. Bison and amplified his power.

What ensues is an all-out brawl with Bison facing off against the old-school Green Ranger, the Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger, the Ryu Ranger (!), and Chun-Li. The short taps into over two decades' worth of Power Rangers lore, with brief Ranger cameos from across the franchise and an apperance from Ninjor, from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' third season. Check it out!

All of this is promoting the new Ryu Ranger character for Power Rangers: Legacy Wars and, admittedly, this short film is pretty good. Considering it's a glorified ad for a mobile game, Lionsgate and Capcom seem to go all-out here, paying respect to the Power Ranger lore and also playing up Ryu as the Rangers' trump card in the battle against Rita.

The Ryu Ranger is available now in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, as are Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, and Akuma. Those looking to see what this game and this crossover is about can pick this free-to-play game up on the App Store and Google Play store.

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