Despicable dreadlord Mal'Ganis corrupts Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm just got more demonic with the addition of Warcraft's Mal'Ganis.


Heroes of the Storm is filled with some of Blizzard's baddest villains and darkest demons. But until now, it has been missing Warcraft's despicable dreadlord known as Mal'Ganis. On Monday, Blizzard announced that the demonic entity who originally corrupted the heroic Arthas will now join the playable roster.

Mal'Ganis enters the Heroes arena as a strong melee warrior. He's big and bad, allowing him to survive many toe-to-toe conflicts, absorb heavy damage, and disrupt opposing crowds. He's particularly dangerous in one-on-one fights, thanks to his Vampiric Touch trait that allows him to siphon a small percentage of damage dealt and use it to replenish his health.

Here are Mal'Ganis' abilities:

  • (Q) Fel Claws: Mal'Ganis will lunge forward with his sharp claws. It's a quick strike that can be stacked up to three times, with the third swipe inflicting stun if it connects.
  • (W) Necrotic Embrace: This move unleashes a small burst of shadow magic, damaging nearby foes and also granting Armor.
  • (E) Night Rush: After an initial charge, Mal'Ganis will take flight and move slightly faster. If he passes over an enemy Hero, they will fall asleep.
  • (R1) Carrion Swarm: Mal'Ganis' first Heroic Ability has the dreadlord transform into a swarm of bats. Mal'Ganis cannot be harmed in this state and will deal modest damage over time on any Heroes he strikes. The Vampiric Touch healing bonus is 100 percent during Carrion Swarm.
  • (R2) Dark Conversion: Mal'Ganis' second Heroic Ability is a slick move that allows him to swap health bars with enemy Heroes. Are you one of those players who dies on the regular? Take advantage of this and swap your menial health bar with some other poor sucker.

Those who can't wait to take the dreadlord out into the Nexus won't have to wait very long. Mal'Ganis is on the PTR servers right now. Those looking for the PTR patch notes can visit the Heroes of the Storm website.

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