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Parkasaurus finds a way onto Steam Early Access this week

The personal passion project of two Guacamelee developers is set to hit Steam Early Access, challenging players to build their best dinosaur theme park.


Shortly after the folks at Drinkbox Studios first unveiled Guacamelee 2, a few of the studio's developers announced that they were embarking on a passion project separate from their Drinkbox work. That project was Parkasaurus, a dinosaur zoo management game that would release under the WashBear Studio banner. Nearly a year later, Parkasaurus is ready to cut the ribbon and open its doors.

Parkasaurus will task players with building a fun dinosaur theme park that attract all sorts of tourist types, while also keeping the park's dinosaur population happy. As days roll on, the dinosaurs will grow from little petting zoo-sized runts into towering behemoths. It'll be up to players to raise those dinosaurs right, while using over 80 buildable items to keep them safely stored, while also engaging their park guests. Each individual guest can leave reviews, not unlike Yelp (or Steam reviews), so it's important to keep them happy... preferably by not allowing them to be trampled by any dinosaurs that might escape their confines.

"The real Parkasaurus journey begins," said WashBear's Chris McQuinn, via press release. "Starting today players will be able to join in the development process by providing feedback and direction for the future of the game. Together we can create systems and awesome content to add additional layers of complexity to the dino tycoon simulation genre."

Parkasaurus brings its unique take on the dinosaur theme park tycoon genre to Steam Early Access this Tuesday. It's set to release for $19.99.

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