Devil May Cry 5 TGS 2018 trailer brings back Lady and Trish, serves major Dante sass

All your Devil May Cry favorites can come out to play.


Devil May Cry 5 is bringing the party back, complete with very familiar faces. It's going to be one hell of a bash, as fan-favorite female characters Trish and Lady have been confirmed as joining the game this time around. This means, at long last, as shown in the latest TGS 2018 trailer, we'll see Nero, Nico, Dante, Trish, and Lady all together at the same time. Yeah, it's pretty sweet.

The lengthy trailer shows off quite a bit, in fact, including a better sneak peek at Dante's motorcycle, the Cavaliere. It can be split into two different weapons, and also re-combined in the heat of battle for some truly devastating vehicle-based attacks.

Of course, Dante wouldn't be the life of the party without his familiar arsenal that includes the Rebellion sword as well as Ebony & Ivory. Dante's also packing the Coyote-A shotgun and Balrog gauntlets and groves, with two new stances: Blow Mode and Kick Mode. No matter how you want to administer a beating as Dante, it looks like you'll be able to do it. Just in case you were worried, Sparda is returning, too.

But that's not all -- the trailer shows off a new protagonist as well in the form of "V." The mysterious character, seen only for a few moments, is said to have additional details being released further on down the line. We'll have to be patient and see what comes of that, of course. With this, it's been confirmed that Nero, Dante, and V will be the three available playable characters.

There's also been a new Devil May Cry 5 Deluxe Edition announced, which introduces a very special weapon: Mega Man's iconic Mega Buster! Nero can use it as a Devil Breaker arm, that is, if you preorder the Deluxe Edition, which also comes with other unique arms: the Pasta Breaker, Sweet Surrender, and the Gerbera GP-01. You'll also get Dante's upgraded motorize, alternative style rank and title screen announcers, 12 classic battle themes, and a behind the scenes live action cutscene selection.

Also, pre-order any copy of the game and get a special selection of EX colors for new and returning characters Trish, Lady, and Nico as well as Nero and Dante.

Devil May Cry 5 is launching on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on March 8, 2019. That's just enough time for you to play through all the other games (including the excellent DmC), so get ready for the ultimate demon hunting party.

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