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Heroes of the Storm braces for the Fall of King's Crest

The latest Heroes of the Storm event will focus on King's Crest's last stand against the Raven Lord and his forces of Whitemane, Maiev, Zarya, and Alexstrasza.


The battle for Alterac Pass has come and gone, but the Raven Lord is not finished just yet, as he seeks to claim Dragon Shire for himself. This gives way to Heroes of the Storm's latest event, the Fall of King's Crest, which will introduce new rewards and new mounts in Blizzard's MOBA.

The Raven Lord has Dragon Shire in his sights and brings along with him his four generals: Cursed Witch Whitemane, Spider Warden Maiev, Phantom Knight Zarya, and Spectral Wyrm Alexstrasza. These four warriors look fearsome, but they also look super cool, sporting spooky new skins that players can earn over the course of the event. Players will be introduced to a new set of quests that involves taking down the Raven Lord's generals, which will unlock new quest paths. Depending on the final quest chosen, players can pick up either the Redeemed Tombstone mount or the Cursed Tombstone mount.

Other rewards include different shades of epic skins for Whitemane, Maiev, Zarya, and Alexstrasza. Players can also pick up mounts, sprays, portraits, and announcer packs featuring Queen Nightshade, Blackheart, or Lady of Thorns.

Blizzard has also been hard at work issuing revamps to some of Heroes of the Storm's existing roster over the past few months. Over three years have passed since the game officially hit 1.0 and Blizzard continues its efforts to bring the older members of the roster into the more modern meta. Over the weekend, Blizzard revealed the two latest characters to receive reworks: StarCraft's Kerrigan and World of Warcraft's Brightwing.

Battlegrounds are also still getting reworked, with the latest one being the Garden of Terror. This will include different mechanics and different objectives. The Garden will be infested with Shambler Defenders, which teams can defeat for their Seeds. Gathering three Seeds will unleash Garden Terrors that will immediately go on offense. Teams can also pick up Garden Terrors, which can disable enemy towers and forts..

More information on the Fall of King's Crest can be found on the Heroes of the Storm website. The event will kick off on September 25 and run through October 15. Look for the Brightwing, Kerrigan, and Garden of Terror reworks to go up around that same time.

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