Splatoon 2's Retro or Modern Style Splatfest kicks off this Friday

Which side are you on?


Calling all Splatoon 2 fans! Ready to jump into the newest Splatfest? You'll soon be able to duke it out with other Squid Kids to determine whether Retro or Modern style is cooler! The next Splatfest is scheduled for this Friday, on September 21. Better get your best Splatoon skills in order so you can fight for the better style.

Splatfests will be changing, however, beginning with Ver.4.0.0 according to the official Splatoon 2 Tumblr account. Normal and Pro will be replacing the previous Solo and Team modes. Normal mode lets you join a Splatfest Battle solo or with one to three friends from the same Splatfest team. Random players will be added if you join as a group of two or three to round things out. All amounts of land inked will be added to win bonuses.

Pro mode has players going solo, and they'll be judged on Splatfest Power, as such. If you raise your power high enough, you might find yourself eventually in the Splatfest Top 100. This mode lets you increase your clout by taking on the opposing team. Both divisions, however, will be getting 10x Battles. They'll occur rarely, and if you win your contribution points will get a 10x multiplier, with even 100x Battles happening once in a blue moon.

There's a full rundown of changes found here, but if you're interested in taking part, gear up for the latest Splatfest and choose your side accordingly.

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