Trials Rising developer talks updated courses and "a new level of competition"

The Trials experience returns in Trials Rising, representing the best of what the series has to offer including "a new level of competition" for players.


The high-flying world of motorcycle trials often goes underrepresented in video games. Fortunately, the crews at RedLynx and Ubisoft have been bringing the thrills home in the Trials series of games, with upcoming 2019 release Trials Fusion representing the best and boldest of the series so far. Shacknews was recently able to meet up with John Lloyd, community developer on Trials Rising, to learn more about the game's new modes, new environments, and overall direction.

In the interview, Lloyd provides more details about the game's Stadium Finals asynchronous multiplayer mode, which brings "a new level of competition" when compared to the game's single-player campaign. This elimination-style competition pits players against seven opponents to see which rider can bring the thunder, and ultimately ends with a heated one-on-one battle for high scores and bragging rights before the winner moves on to the next league.

Lloyd also discussed some the development challenges of level design on Trials Rising, a process that involved artists and designers being inspired by real-world locations. Players will note that many of the new tracks were actually designed by community members using the Trials Editor, the likes of which were later hired on to the Trials team so that they might continue working their magic.

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