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Hearthstone begins HGG Cheer rewards program on Twitch

Those who are tuning in to the Hearthstone Global Games from the Top 16 on forward will be able to earn in-game rewards through Twitch's Bits program.


Blizzard has experimented with Twitch rewards across its catalog, with one of its more successful examples being HGC Cheer for Heroes of the Storm. The publisher is now looking to expand this idea into Hearthstone and is now set to implement it for this year's Hearthstone Global Games.

Like HGC Cheer, HGG Cheer will reward Twitch viewers for cheering on their favorite teams with Twitch Bits. Cheering with Bits can unlock special Twitch emotes, as well as Hearthstone card packs. Cheering with a team's Cheermote will not only support that team in the morale sense, but also in the financial sense, as a portion of revenue goes towards that team's players.

Bits are sold in different amounts, with first-time buyers able to pick up 1,000 Bits for $10, though viewers can pick up free Bits for watching ads. Like the Overwatch League and HGC streams, community support can help unlock global rewards for all participating players by hitting certain overall milestones.

The HGG Cheer program will run from September 17 through BlizzCon on November 4. The Hearthstone Global Games is down to its final 16 teams, with the finalists facing off at this year's BlizzCon. For more information, visit the Hearthstone website.

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