Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer finally shows Big Hero 6 world [Update]

First teased over three years ago, Kingdom Hearts fans are finally getting their first look at Baymax.


Update: If you found this new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer to be short, it looks like there's a longer one set to debut next week.

Original story: With Kingdom Hearts 3 just around the bend, there have been some questions regarding one of the game's worlds that was teased years ago, but never shown. Shortly after pondering the status of the Big Hero 6 world after the pre-E3 2018 trailer, the plan was apparently in place to show off this world at some eventual point.

That point appears to be this year's Tokyo Game Show, as Square Enix released the next Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer. This trailer offered a first look at San Fransokyo, the setting of the 2014 movie. Sora and friends are off fighting Heartless when they're quickly joined by Hiro, Baymax, and the rest of the Big Hero 6 team. Footage is shown of Sora fighting alongside Baymax, who joins the active party, as they take on larger Heartless variants. When the Big Hero 6 stage was first teased back in 2015, fans were told that the events of the stage would follow up on the 2014 blockbuster, with the forces of darkness claiming the empty Baymax body that was abandoned at the end of the movie.

More footage of other stages, like the Monsters, Inc. and Tangled stages are also shown. And while there isn't much in terms of story reveal, the trailer ends with one of the Xehanorts (don't ask) saying, "Only when your hopes have been broken by battle upon battle can the key to Kingdom Hearts be claimed."

The Kingdom Hearts saga comes to a close when Kingdom Hearts 3 releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 29.

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