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We'll Soon Have Our First Sneak Peek at Kingdom Hearts 3's Big Hero 6 World

I am Baymax, your Kingdom Hearts 3 companion. 


Looking for yet another reason to be excited about Kingdom Hearts 3? As if you needed another one, right? It looks like all the amazing Disney-themed worlds we already knew about are about to welcome a newcomer to the fold: Big Hero 6! The themed world was curiously absent from the pre-E3 2018 demo shown off to our own Ozzie Mejia, and as such it was one of the big questions he still had about the upcoming game, namely what its status was.

It looks like we might not have to wait much longer to see, if new comments from game director Tetsuya Nomura are to be believed. In a recent interview in the latest issue of Japanese publication Dengeki PlayStation, Nomura states that he "thinks he will be able to show footage of Big Hero 6 next time," referring to one of the next pieces of promotional gameplay, most likely. If that's true, we could finally get a glimpse at the aerial combat hinted at when we first heard about the world's potential inclusion.

We first found out about the Big Hero 6 world back at the 2015 D23 Expo, where concept art was shared, much to the audience's delight. Since then, we've seen several trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3, but none of them have shown off so much of a glimpse of Baymax's world. It's going to be particularly exciting to see what kind of combat, enemies, and storylines are in store for Sora and company, because as much as we love CG Pirates of the Carribbean, we love Baymax a whole lot more. 

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