Spelunky 2 gameplay trailer prepares for 2019 expedition

Those looking for a better idea of what the next Spelunky game will offer can now check out the game's newest trailer, which also reveals a 2019 release window.


There haven't been many details on Spelunky 2 available prior to Wednesday. The only knowns were that it would continue creator Derek Yu's retro roguelike exploration, while introducing some new characters. But a new interview and gameplay trailer has shed some more light on what players can expect from this long-awaited sequel.

"At its core, Spelunky 2 is not too different, actually," Yu told PlayStation.Blog. "My opinion about sequels is that they are extensions of the previous games, so I want fans of Spelunky 1 to jump in and feel like they’re playing a continuation, both storywise and mechanically. The big question on my mind was 'What makes Spelunky, Spelunky?' I wanted to figure out what those ideas were and take them to their limit without anything getting in their way. Sometimes that means adding, sometimes that means remixing – it can also mean subverting expectations created by the original game."

Yu went into more detail on some of Spelunky 2's newer features, such as a greater focus on multiple layers and shortcuts. Players will also find new liquid physics, which means destructible terrain can lead to chambers being flooded with water or lava. Friends can also explore these dangerous caverns together, thanks to the addition of online multiplayer for up to four people.

Spelunky 2 begins its expedition on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2019.

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