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Heroes of the Storm PTR patch 37.0 embraces Mephisto's hatred

The Lord of Hatred has arrived in the latest PTR patch for Heroes of the Storm, along with a revamped Hanamura Temple battleground and a revamped Tyrande.


Blizzard had a busy Gamescom and among the reveals the publisher brought along to Cologne, Germany was the latest character to hit the Nexus. Heroes of the Storm's latest playable Hero is Diablo's Lord of Hatred, Mephisto. And those who have waited to take him out won't have to wait much longer, as the newest Ranged Assassin hits the Public Test Realm today.

Mephisto's demonic nickname is also the name of his trait. Lord of Hatred allows Mephisto hit Heroes with basic abilities to reduce their cooldown. Successful hits with Skull Missile and Shade of Mephisto with reduce those cooldown timers by 1.5 seconds, while Lightning Nova will be reduced by 0.3 seconds for each Hero hit.

Here are the rest of Mephisto's abilities:

  • Skull Missile (Q): Mephisto sends a skull in a single direction after a brief setup period, dealing a decent 127 damage and also slowing down any affected Heroes by 25 percent for two seconds.
  • Lightning Nova (W): Mephisto will suround himself with a ring of lightning for 2.5 seconds. Heroes caught within the ring will take 48 damage every 0.25 seconds. Successful hits will up Lightning Nova's damage potential all the way up to 40 percent.
  • Shade of Mephisto (E): Mephisto can teleport to a nearby location, dealing 78 damage in the process. A Shade of Mephisto will be left behind at the original location, with Mephisto returning to that origin point after 2.5 seconds.
  • Consume Souls (R1): This is a powerful Heroic for those looking to help the team, as it will reveal all enemy Hero locations for 2.5 seconds. After that time is up, all of those Heroes take 357 damage and are slowed by 40 percent for 2.5 seconds.
  • Durance of Hate (R2): Mephisto sends out an army of shadows towards one target. That target is Rooted for heavy damage. It will also chain for a similar effect on any nearby enemy Heroes.

In addition to Mephisto, Blizzard has gone back and reworked the Hanamura Temple battleground. Based on the Overwatch map of the same name, players are now tasked with escorting a single payload that gets escorted in opposite directions. Successfully escorting the payload will lead to the payload firing upon enemy forts. Once all enemy forts are down, an escorted payload will fire away at the enemy Core.

Players will also find that the mercenary camps have been mixed up, with healing camps and the Mega Enforcer being removed in favor of new sentinel siege camps, containing new a powerful new shogun merc that can slice its way down any given lane. Vision Watchtowers have also gone by the wayside, in favor of Recon Camps. Those looking to get the lay of the land will now have to earn this benefit by taking out the mercs located at the camp.

Lastly, Tyrande has received a major rework and is now a Healer. This means her base attack has been heavily reduced from 82 to 55, but now has new talents that help push her better as a support character.

For all of Monday's changes, be sure to check out the Heroes of the Storm PTR patch notes.

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