Fortnite update 5.3 patch notes detail Score Royale LTM, Rift-To-Go, and Blunderbuss

The newest Fortnite update version 5.3 patch notes detail the game's new Blunderbuss weapon, Rift-To-Go item, and latest Score Royale LTM.


With a new week comes a new Fortnite update. Epic Games' immensely popular battle royale continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down, and part of that persistent progress comes down to the frequent content updates that introduce must-have new items and fresh limited-time gameplay modes. The latest Fortnite update version 5.3 does just that, with patch notes detailing the arrival of the new Score Royale LTM into Battle Royale, the Blunderbuss rifle into Save the World, and the all-new Rift-To-Go item for players looking to make a quick escape.

Fortnite update 5.3 new Score Royale ATM, Rift-To-Go, and Blunderbuss

One of the most buzzworthy additions to Fortnite in the update version 5.3 is the new Score Royale LTM (limited-time mode). Instead of fighting to be the last alive, the Score Royale LTM tasks players with spending their time gaining points, and awards a victory to the player who has claimed the most points by the end of the match. In this mode, early-match storms move slowly and ramp up toward the end of the match, meaning players can spend those precious first minutes securing as much loot as they need to survive through the bitter end.

The 5.3 update also includes the new item Rift-To-Go, which is a consumable item that pulls players into a rift high above their location, allowing them to float gently toward a safer area — or suffer an embarrassing fall to their deaths.

Finally, the update also introduces the new Blunderbuss rifle into the Save the World mode. Sure, it may not be entirely historically accurate, but the Blunderbuss should provide plenty of punch for fighters looking to dole out damage with some flintlock-inspired flair.

Fortnite update version 5.3 patch notes and bug fixes

Of course, the new Fortnite update version 5.3 is more than new items — it also includes a number of different bug fixes, patches, and tweaks to different elements of the game. Here are the patch notes as provided through the Epic Games website:

  • New Message of the Day format for both Save the World and Battle Royale modes.
  • Added keyboard presets to the keyboard input tab in the settings.
    • Now you can quickly select either the default keyboard controls (Standard) or the original (Old School) controls.
  • Fixed a delay when trying to open the top bar menu immediately after switching to the Store tab.
  • Fixed UI bug where holding down the primary button on a Widget, then moving to a new widget, would result in the current selection disappearing.
  • Fixed issues with burst-fire weapon local ammo amount occasionally being displayed incorrectly when equipping or unequipping while firing.
  • The shader cache now adjusts how many shader entries are processed each frame based on how long it takes to compile each shader.
    • This makes the process faster when the operating-system or driver has internally cached the shaders on a previous run.
  • Fixed an issue causing autorun to immediately turn off after being toggled on.
  • Modified the Options screen so that player inputs will not immediately cause it to close during gameplay.
  • Fixed reticle hit notify image appearing when switching quickly from a melee weapon to a ranged weapon after inflicting damage.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally allowed weapons to display ammo in the magazine if all ammo was dropped while reloading.
  • Fixed an issue with trying to fire while opening a door, which was causing a fire animation to play without the weapon actually firing.
  • Smoke generated from the destruction of objects is now 50% more translucent than before, increasing visibility close up.

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