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Fortnite's new Rift-To-Go item is a quick escape portal-creating grenade

Not quite a portal gun, but it'll do.


Epic Games has just teased another new addition to Fortnite, and this looks like something you're really going to like. One of the latest additions to the log-in screen that's typically shown off upcoming items that eventually made their way into the game is the new "Rift-To-Go."

Basically, it's a portable rift that you can slide into your pocket that'll let you throw it down and use it on command, teleporting you to the sky above your current location, then letting you glide your way down. It may sound silly, but it actually has a wide variety of tactical uses. 

Rifts first made their appearance in season 5, and now they're going to be coming back in a big way. They're an important part of Fortnite strategy for some, as players have learned how to use them to their advantage. They're especially useful for making your way out of a sticky situation.

There's no current release date in mind set for the upcoming Rift-To-Go, but we can surmise it's probably a part of the patch that's about ready to drop. It's going to be an interesting addition to the game's current meta, that's for sure, so if you're thinking you might want to try it out, keep an eye on Fortnite's latest update to give it a whirl. Transporting people against their will could be fun, of course.

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