Watch The Stranger fight in New Game+ on Give Me God of War difficulty

Check out some gameplay of Sam trying his best in God of War's New Game+ on the hardest difficulty.


After playing through God of War on Normal for guide-writing purposes, booting up New Game+ and switching to the “Give Me God of War” difficulty was a rude shock, especially the first fight in the game against The Stranger.

What was originally a fairly straightforward fight that gave players some leeway quickly became a real challenge when The Stranger revealed he could easily kill Kratos in a single hit. However, despite the amped up damage enemies can deal Kratos, players have the distinct advantage of having all their upgraded gear being brought into New Game+. Check out my run at The Stranger fight below.

As you can see, toward the end I attempt to use only the fists, but after what felt like minutes of beating The Stranger only to see one bar get chipped away (and Kratos dying), I threw in the towel and opted for the blade.

So far the New Game+ Give Me God of War experience has been incredibly rewarding, especially with the increased challenge of the bosses, as well as the new Perfect armor sets to chase. It’s like experiencing the game again, except with the distinct advantage of knowing where everything is found.

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