Gamescom 2018: New Resident Evil 2 Remake screens gives us a glimpse of Claire Redfield's new look

A familiar favorite looks a little different this time around.


The Resident Evil 2 Remake hype train is rolling into the station, and as we inch closer and closer to the game's debut, there's plenty of new information rolling out to keep us salivating. 

Claire Redfield made her gameplay debut during Gamescom 2018, with attendees getting their first look at the character in-game through a demo featuring a segment of her full campaign. She's got a lot on her hands to deal with, as fans of the series will already be well aware.

Claire, as you likely all know, is on a mission to find her brother Chris. That's why she's in Raccoon City in the first place, after all. In the Resident Evil 2 remake, she'll be working with Leon, whose campaign we've already seen bits and pieces of already, to find her brother and bring him back to safety while fighting off the zombie threat.

During the slice of Claire gameplay shown off at Gamescom 2018, Claire ends up making her way to the R.P.D., where she's tasked with exploring a new section of the police department. She meets a young girl there: Sherry Birkin, who clues her in that a monster is right around her: You might recognize him if you're a Resident Evil fan.

The monster must be felled, and thus Claire will have to take him out, as she utilizes a grenade launcher and her survival skills to pull out of this particularly sticky situation like an old pro. This brief look at Claire's campaign section should have fans of the original game grinning from ear to ear, as she still gets her own, well-deserved campaign on her own for a complement to Leon's.

Resident Evil 2 is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on January 25, 2019. That's not that much longer, thankfully. 

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